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In order to check your knowledge of processes and equipment in oil and gas industry, and also oil and gas terminology, we recommend you to pass the recommended tests in all areas selected by you. This will help to raise the rating of your resume in the database. After implementation of each test its results (percentage of correct answers) will be automatically added to ypur questionnaire. If you are not satisfied with results of the test passed by You, then you can always re-pass it to improve your results. Change of results in your questionnaire as well as change of rating will be also performed automatically.

TEST "Field geology"
TEST "Field exploration"
TEST "Well drilling"
TEST "Well workovers and servicing"
TEST "Well logging"
TEST "Oil production"
TEST "Oil treatment, transportation and storage"
TEST "Gas production, processing and transportation"
TEST "Construction and operation of pipelines"
TEST "Off-shore operations"
TEST "Oil refining"